Not all features are as intelligent as others. Our process is to understand your business beyond a phone call. Through a deeper understanding of S.H.I.I.F.T, our proprietary process, we are able to define features with smart benefits that make sense for your fleet.

Features with Intelligent Benefits

  • Dash Cams

    Feature: Utilizing video enables you to review driving behaviors identified through triggering events.
    Benefit: Reduce vehicle accidents, decrease insurance premiums and a driver exoneration.

  • Posted Speed Limits

    Feature: Compare posted speed limits vs company vehicles.
    Benefit: Benefit: Mitigate risk, and lower fuel costs

  • Driver Scorecard

    Feature: Enables a quick snapshot into how the fleet is performing.
    Benefit: Quickly identify which vehicles/drivers need evaluating.

  • Find Nearest Vehicle

    Feature: Out platform enables you to enter an address and or geo-fence locate the closest vehicle.
    Benefit: Faster service response times, happy customer.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Feature: Select reports that you want to receive and or others, then select vehicle(s) or groups that you want and the frequency- daily, weekly or monthly. Your report will be waiting in your email.
    Benefit: Accountability mechanism to verify payroll & job completed by field employees.

  • Driver Identification

    Feature: Key Fob(s) are assigned to individual drivers that drive different vehicles for work.
    Benefit: In the case of an incident, RFID enables you to know which employee was the driver.

  • PTO

    Feature: The ability to know when a Power Take Off (PTO)has been engaged.
    Benefit: Verify if work is being performed instead of an asset idling.

  • Maintenance Tasks

    Feature: Scheduled maintenance tasks for company vehicle(s) and automatically be notified when needed.
    Benefit: Never skip a maintenance tasks and extend the life of your fleet.

  • Fuel Card Integration

    Feature: Set vehicle fuel profiles for your fleet and link to fuel card program. Define fuel tank size, high and low MPG and fuel type. When purchases do not match defined parameters, you can be instantly alerted.
    Benefit: Reduce or eliminate fuel theft, reduce company fuel expenses.

  • Temperature

    Feature: Monitor temperature within your cargo. If temperatures rise or fall outside of set parameters, you can be notified.
    Benefit: FDA compliance and reduce or eliminate insurance claims for spoilage.

  • Diagnostics

    Feature: When utilizing a OBD device, you can access diagnostic codes from most vehicles.
    Benefit: Faster response times to assess a vehicles engine needs can reduce repair costs.