Live Fleet Tracking Software

With our GPS fleet tracking system, you can keep an eye on your vehicles at all hours of the day, making it possible to better manage your drivers and improve efficiency.

Mobile Application

Keep track of your fleet vehicles while away from the office. View current locations on map or list views, generate reports, and receive alerts and messages to keep you informed while on the go.

Fuel Card Integration

Getting fuel savings from GPS is obvious and easy. Set the parameters, and go! But what about fuel purchase abuse within your company? Fleet IQ is able to integrate certain Fuel Card programs into our GPS platform. You are able to create triggering event alerts, when fuel card purchases are outside of preset vehicle profiles.

Scheduled Reports

We can organize your data by vehicle, vehicle groups, and you can choose whether you want your reports daily, weekly or monthly. Our emailed reports are easily distributed to the people on your team who need to see them.

Preventative Maintenance Automation

A handy benefit to using Fleet IQ’s services is that you are always notified when it’s time for a scheduled maintenance task for your vehicles.

Real-Time Event Alerts

In the age of instant gratification, we understand how important it is to get information quickly. That’s why we offer real-time alerts that notify you immediately if one of your vehicles is exiting one of your landmarks, speeding or idling. Stay on top of your fleet to address problems instantaneously and in the moment.

Driver Scorecard

Our Driver Scorecard gives you the ability to assess your drivers and ensure the safety of your fleet using a relative speed database, aggression data and idling data.

Accident Protection

Our live video capturing allows managers to log in to portals and see the drivers of their fleets in action. This supervision capability allows managers access to data that can prevent and/or make negligible false or exaggerated claims against their company.

Driver Training

Our driver training program is your offense to preventing accidents. You can set up your drivers for success from their first day on the job.