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Improve Driving Behaviors, Review Driving Routes, & Reduce Liabilities

Providing safe and secure transport for citizens in need is of the utmost importance. SmartWitness captures high resolution video and audio inside & around emergency to ensure that all driving routes are captured and transmitted instantly for review. Emergency vehicle operators’ #1 priority is fast and safe transport of wounded or ill patients to receive speedy treatment. During these fast and dangerous journeys, EMS vehicles are at an increased risk of incident. SmartWitness captured video, audio, vehicle speed, G-force data, & GPS location data provide concrete evidence by recording this entire journey along with all behaviors and data associated with it. SmartWitness is fully automated, so operators do not have to worry about activating recordings. Alarm input triggers can be connected to the emergency lights & siren of the ambulance, securing & transmitting video any time an emergency route is engaged and G-Force sensors recognize when an accident has taken place. PC software is included to provide administrators the ability to thoroughly analyze all event video and data.


  • Proven Reduction of Accident Frequency
  • Proven Reduction to Loss Ratios
  • Improved Driving Behavior, Increased Fuel Economy
  • Defend Against Driving Offense Allegations
  • Quick Resolution of Incidents Involving Students
  • Increased Speed of Claim Resolution
  • Possible Reduction in Insurance Premiums

Which System is Right for My Fleet?

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Choosing the right SmartWitness system will depend on several factors. While we try to educate our website visitors as much as possible, it is always best to consult with a Fleet IQ representative to discuss the perfect systems based on your needs and budget. These are the three most common SmartWitness systems installed into large trucks: