GPS tracking for vehicles

It’s true: you can empower your fleet with cutting-edge technology, customizable features and 24/7 visibility without the hassle. Our versatile Fleet Management Tracking is backed by live support, mobile access, and online collaboration that’s easy to master.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire operation with interactive maps, breadcrumb trails, and the ability to locate the nearest vehicles to a given point — all backed with the reliability of Google Maps.

Lowering risk of accidents

Our new Driver Behavior Score settings are simpler to create for a full view of driving behavior by vehicle or by the driver assigned.

  • Customize alerts for the driver behaviors that matter most to your fleet, such as:
    • Aggressive driving
    • Speeding over a limit you set
    • Driving over posted speed limits
  • The driver safety report for each driver gives you details for coaching that driver
  • The speed report can identify when and where drivers tend to speed
  • The trends feature lets you view all drivers, or one driver, to see how they’ve been trending for the week, month or quarter

increasing accountability

Good driving behavior is probably one of the most important aspects of fleet management. It can greatly improve productivity, prevent accidents, and avoid increased auto premiums.

Responsible drivers also can improve fuel efficiency for the entire fleet, saving you a fortune in overhead fuel costs. Our system can alert you to predefined metrics like acceleration, sudden braking, speeding, and idle time.

By utilizing a driver scorecard, you can drastically decrease the risk of an accident. In addition by having individual score cards, you create more transparency and accountability. Embedded into our system is a rewards program. This program easily enables management of who to reward for excellent driver behavior, as well as correcting poor behavior.

Improving Efficiency

With GPS tracking, you can increase labor efficiency, which is another big overhead expense for most businesses. GPS tracking allows you to get rid of timesheet fraud and to collect real-time data if you are operating a transportation business.

This technology helps you to establish different problems with the employees that can be costing you extra money. The managers also can see where the workers are and monitor their activities. By reducing idle time, GPS improves efficiency and results in less downtime. Reduced downtime is a major cost-saving expense that you should never ignore.

minimizing the increase of insurance premiums

As your fleet continues to expand, so does the cost to insure them. In the US, GPS tracked vehicles are considered to be a lower risk to insurers, and insurance companies potentially offer discounts, ranging from 3%-10%.

With GPS tracking, the chance of theft is greatly decreased while the chance of vehicle recovery increases significantly. GPS tracking solutions also can reduce the chances of accidents through driver behavior monitoring and detection of reckless driving habits.

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