GPS tracking devices for your equipment

Get a birds-eye view of your entire operation with integrated Fleet and Asset Tracking Device. Quickly locate every asset, right at your fingertips.

With assets at multiple sites, you can see all your non-powered assets on one map. Using GPS asset tracking provides real-time tracking that works in theft prevention and recovery.

Protect valuable assets with geofence alerts to help you ensure devices stay where they should be.

The User update button immediately shares GPS coordinates with Fleet Management Helps you maximize equipment use by deploying assets to attain the highest and best use Know with confidence that your tracker and asset are together with built-in tamper protection

Driver Training if Driver-facing video is being used

Driver-facing video cameras can be an effective tool for training and coaching new or existing drivers, as they provide a visual record of the driver’s actions and behaviors while driving. By reviewing the footage, trainers and coaches can identify areas where the driver can improve, such as maintaining proper following distances or using proper signaling techniques.

Overall, driver-facing video cameras can be a valuable tool for training and coaching drivers in the transportation industry. By providing a visual record of the driver’s actions and behaviors, the footage can be used to identify areas for improvement and help ensure that all drivers are operating their vehicles safely and efficiently. 

Protect your company in a no-fault accident

When you’re driving a commercial vehicle, the last thing you want is to get into an accident. But no matter how careful you are, it can happen. 

It’s important that your company has a solid defense against any claims of negligence or wrongdoing resulting from accidents involving these vehicles.

That’s where video cameras come in. We make sure that our clients have the right cameras for their commercial vehicles that are fully functioning and positioned strategically so if an accident does occur, all of the necessary footage is captured.

That way, if there is ever any dispute over who was at fault, you’ll be able to show who was driving and what happened during the accident.

Preserving deductibles by using video

Using video cameras in your fleet of commercial vehicles can potentially help to reduce your auto insurance premiums in a few different ways from enhanced safety, fraud protection, and enhanced accountability. 

Using video cameras can help to reduce your auto insurance premiums by improving safety, preventing fraud, and enhancing accountability. It’s worth noting, however, that the exact impact on your premiums will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific coverage you have and the claims history of your fleet.

Best Fleet Tracking With Camera In Houston TX

Potential auto premium discounts for deploying cameras

Some insurers offer discounts on auto insurance premiums if the vehicle is equipped with a camera that records the driver’s actions and surroundings.

The camera records how the driver operates the vehicle and reports it back to the insurer. The report includes details like how fast the driver was going, how often they brake or accelerate, and whether they were wearing their seatbelt.

The insurer can then use this information to determine whether or not to lower the premium for that customer.

In-Cabin And Road-Facing Camera

Install in-cabin and road-facing cameras to get a complete picture of every drive.

Easy Setup

Our cameras are lightweight and easy to install, with a user-friendly interface and setup. You can get your system running in less than 10 minutes.

Proactive Alerting

Drivers will get audio and visual alerts for risky behavior in real-time, so they can make corrections before an accident occurs. Awareness of their driving habits allows them to adopt safer habits over time.

Event Trigger Button

The event trigger button begins recording unusual events, such as someone brake-checking the truck driver, at the press of a button.


Artificial intelligence and advanced machine vision recognize distracted drivers based on specific behaviors, sending alerts to correct the risky behavior.

Advanced Sensors

Dash cams detect real-time dangerous driving with cabin-facing IR LEDs to offer a clear view, even at night.

Future Proof Technology

We provide APIs you can integrate into current and future fleet management solutions. Download upgrades and new features straight from the cloud.

Affordably Priced

Increase your revenue by providing cost-effective video solutions to your customers. Our software is accessible to all fleet sizes with unbeatable technology, accurate data, and high-quality video.

Enhanced Telematics

Auxiliary cameras can increase visibility to give you better insight that can improve safety. With 4G connectivity and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect to additional cameras or other IoT devices.

Continuous Recording

Cameras detect movement to record continuously while the vehicle is moving. You can retrieve the video from the cloud for 30 days.

Support For Side And Back-Up Views

Connect as many as four auxiliary cameras with the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for a 360-degree view.

LCD Touch Screen

The LCD touchscreen makes installation, troubleshooting, driver alerts, and video reviews easier.

Live Streaming

View the inside of the cab and the road in near real-time to make fast decisions and offer immediate assistance when required.

Parking Mode

Detect vibrations when vehicles are parked to upload videos of the event automatically.

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