Video Telematics

Whether it's your first time to invest or you're looking to upgrade your current camera system, we might be the partner you've been missing.

  • A.I. Cameras ( featuring Artificial Intelligence)
  • 360 degree Cameras
  • Dual channel cameras
  • Forward Facing only cameras
  • Multichannel cameras

How A.I. technology solves your fleet's needs.


A.I Video Telematics predicts & prevents accidents. In-cab voice coaching reduces risky driver behavior.


Protect your drivers and protect your fleet from liability & false claims. Get the proof you need with video evidence in seconds.


Video improves driver behavior and safety to help train and protect employees.


Real-Time AI Improves Driver Behavior and Reduces Accidents.

  • Real-Time Audible In-Cabin Coaching
  •  Harsh Events
  •  Driver AI
  •  Road Facing AI
  • Instant Alerts
  • On-Demand Video Playback
  • Recognize & Reward Positive Behavior


Fleet Video Telematics enables you to receive instant alerts via email or text, so you always know what is occurring. With automatic event triggers, like hard-braking, rapid acceleration, distracted driving, or speeding, get the proof you need with video evidence within seconds.

Case Study: Beer Distribution Fleet

  • Accident occurred 2 weeks after installation.
  • Driver claimed beer truck merged into him with no witnesses.
  • Video evidence proved that driver lost control and ran into beer distribution vehicle.
  • Savings from video evidence paid for a video solution on every vehicle.

If You Don’t Have Evidence

You Don’t Have Proof

The Difference is Clear

  • High-Resolution Streaming Over Platform
  • Industry’s Clearest Picture
  • Capture What Really Matters With VidFleet AI+


Empower Your Fleet. Get Real Results.

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