Wired GPS Tracker – Good Option for fleet vehicles

For a company operating a fleet of vehicles challenges abound often. Where are my drivers? Are they driving aggressively in a company vehicle? Who is driving which vehicle? And how long where they at a particular site? This happens often but there are solutions for these problems.  This is when the need for a wired GPS tracker in Houston comes into play. With a wired unit, it gives you a permemant install, the flexibility to add options and peace of mind knowing it his installed professionally and discreetly.


Wired GPS trackers are a fantastic start to help you manage your fleet more efficiently. Also, it enables you to receive data to monitor when maintenance needs to be performed on your fleet.The Wire GPS tracking device can be paired with the following for risk mitigation when it comes to vehicle accidents:


  • FrowardFacing Camera
  • Driver Facing Camera
  • Side View Camera
  • Rear Cameras


The benefit of installing the wired tracking device enables you to pair with a Driver ID system. The driver ID system enables you to track which individual drove any vehicle in your fleet. This is provided in the present and past:

  • Monitor individual driving behaviors
  • Real time risk updates
  • Hard braking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Hard turns
  • Posted speeding events


Why you should selecta wired vehicle tracker in Houston from Fleet IQ? 


The biggest benefit of using wired real-time GPS trackers is that the complete unit is scripted to provide 60 second updates. This provides valuable data that is paired with our easy to use interface. Our GPS platform interprets received data in easy to read reports. Some of the basic benefits:


  1. Improved productivity.
  2. Knowing locations for real time updates for customers.
  3. Better response times between staff and drivers.
  4. Potential to reduce administrative paperwork

In the nutshell – Go with the wired vehicle tracker in Houston and maximize your business vehicle assets.

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