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Get Started With A GPS Fleet Tracking Solution In Houston TX

For over 12 years we have worked hard to understand the challenges you face operating a fleet of vehicles. Through our experience, we leverage technology and accountability to help manage one of the highest fleet expenses-vehicle insurance. After all, vehicle insurance premiums are rapidly increasing. From cellphones to excessive lawsuits & litigation, insurance is only going up.

We will work with your team closely by managing the installation to on-boarding, account set-up and training. We then take a deeper dive to implement a follow through plan of action.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System In Houston TX
Vehicle Tracking

Our versatile Fleet Management Solutions is backed by live support, mobile access, and online collaboration that’s easy to master.

GPS Equipment Tracking System In Houston TX
Equipment Tracking

Whether you have assets that have existing batteries or not, we have a tracking device that works in these environments.

Fleet Tracking With Camera In Houston TX
Vehicle Tracking with Video

Whether it’s your first time investing or you’re looking to upgrade your current camera system, we might be the partner you’ve been missing.

Looking for

GPS Tracking

FleetIQ Providers
  • Contract or No Contract Options
  • Complete Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Our Plaforms
  • Live Reporting (Every 60 Seconds)
  • Multiple Reports
  • Super Easy to Use

need GPS tracking & Cameras

Cameras are a fantastic tool to help companies:
  • Protect Your deductible
  • Protect You Against a False Claim
  • Driving Coaching Tool
Our Plaforms
  • Live Feed Cameras
  • A.I. Cameras
  • Affordably Priced

Wanting to

Switch Providers

Questions to ask yourself?
  • Are you treated like a number from your current provider?
  • Is your current product and service delivery top-notch?
  • Do you receive fast response times and proactive monitoring?
Find out why our clients switched and decided to stay.


Selling Proposition

We provide GPS Tracking & Dash Cameras for businesses operating multiple vehicles. We help clients reduce risk, avoid no-fault accidents, and drive more efficiently and productively.

GPS Fleet Tracking In Houston TX
By going with a boutique firm, your level of response is faster and better.
Hands-Free Program
We offer a hands-free program.?
72-hour Turnaround Time

We offer a 72 hour turnaround time if a device is not working.

Pro-Active Audit
Fleet IQ provides a “pro-active audit” solution for our clients.?

that Boost Your Business

It’s 8am and your drivers have left for the day. At 8:45am you get a phone call “Hey boss, I just got into an accident and they’re trying to blame me.” At first you “panic,” then the panic goes to peace as you realize you installed Dash Cameras.

You and your team have worked hard to build your business. Protect you business and your deductibles with Dash Cameras.

Reduce Fleet Expenses
Reduce Fleet Expenses

  • Improve Maintenance Systems
  • Reduce Idling
  • Decrease Speeding

Increase Fleet Productivity
Increase Fleet Productivity

  • Streamline Dispatching
  • Find the Best Route
  • Stop Side Activity

Lower Payroll Costs
Lower Payroll Costs

  • Verify Timecards
  • Estimate Real Costs
  • Increase Efficiency

Protect Your Fleet
Protect Your Fleet

  • Prevent False Accusations
  • Driver Accountability
  • Protect Deductible

Fleet Management Tracking System In Houston TX

Manage Your Fleet with Comprehensive Fleet Management Services in Houston, TX

Trucking companies must manage and track their fleet to ensure efficiency and safe driving from their team. FleetIQ offers high-tech fleet management services in Houston, TX, that will help you manage and track your fleet with a convenient application that integrates with your existing systems. You can enjoy the benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking system and other fleet management solutions based on your needs. Our GPS fleet tracking works well to track vehicles and equipment, so you always know where your fleet is.

Versatile Solutions for All Fleets

FleetIQ offers some of the most versatile solutions for GPS fleet tracking software. You can program the software to track your equipment and fleet vehicles with or without video, allowing you to monitor your business operations closely. Our team will help you install your GPS vehicle tracking system and set it up. You will receive all the necessary training to continue using our fleet management services to track your business operations. Whether you prefer fleet tracking with a camera or without, you can trust our software to deliver.

All the Best Features

Our comprehensive GPS fleet tracking solutions have all the best features to ensure it serves your company well. Our GPS vehicle tracking system features live reporting every 60 seconds, multiple report functions, and easy-to-use functionality that will allow you to track where your fleet is at any given moment. Fleet management services are essential to provide peace of mind in your level of service. We offer contract and no-contract options, training, and a dedicated account manager to help you make the most of our GPS fleet tracking software in Houston, TX.