Simple GPS Asset Tracking Protects Fleet & Non-Powered Assets Anytime & Everywhere

Asset tracking


The GL500MG 5 Year Battery Powered Wireless Asset Tracker keeps track of the equipment you care about most. Durable construction & powerful features keep your assets under control anywhere.

The Rugged

The rugged 2830TTU

Whether you have assets that have existing batteries or they do not, we have a tracking device that works in these environments. With assets like lawn mowers, excavators, skid steers we have the ability to tie into the ignition to perform run time hours. This is helpful to stay on maintenance tasks by hours for field mechanics receiving notifications and keeping a maintenance program running smooth.

Peace of Mind You Can Trust

  • Get a birds-eye view of your entire operation with integrated Fleet and Asset Tracking Device. Quickly locate every asset, right at your fingertips.
  • With assets at multiple sites, you can see all your non-powered assets on one map. Using GPS asset tracking provides real-time tracking that works in theft prevention and recovery.
  • Protect valuable assets with geofence alerts to help you ensure devices stay where they should be.
  • The User update button immediately shares GPS coordinates with Fleet Management
  • Helps you maximize equipment use by deploying assets to attain the highest and best use
  • Know with confidence that your tracker and asset are together with built-in tamper protection

Reduce Costs of Lost Equipment and Equipment Theft

Vehicle and equipment theft hurts your business through lost revenue, missed customer service calls, higher insurance premiums, loss of productivity, and driver and vehicle downtime. If a non-powered asset is lost or stolen, you face the added cost of renting or purchasing replacement equipment.

Locate Every Non-Powered Asset Anywhere

View your assets on the GPS Trackit Fleet App and Fleet Manager Cloud.  Easily configure Geo-Fences to identify if your asset moves to an unexpected location

Keep Equipment Assets Where they should be

Pre-configured Geo Fences will automatically send out alerts if your asset moves to an unexpected location.  With the ability to wake up on motion, you will get updates when an asset moves so you can respond.
Asset tracking 2

Deploy Assets For Highest and Best Use

Idle assets don’t get used.  Why not move your asset to where they can perform for your business.  The GPS Trackit Fleet Manager Cloud Platform gives you a complete view of where your assets are located, so you can maximize the return on your investment.

GPS Asset Tracking

GPS Asset Tracking Prevents Lost Equipment

Even misplacing valuable equipment causes costly issues. There are delays and lost production while employees search for the needed equipment. Imagine the cost of renting another generator when you can’t find the generator that is misplaced in a storage shed on the wrong job site.

Immediately Share coordinates with Push-Button Location Updates

The convenient device-mounted push button allows you to immediately share the asset location. An Asset Tracker GPS can be used to ensure that an asset reached its intended location and help confirm that a user is near the device.

Keep Equipment Assets Where they should be

With its compact size, you can attach the Wireless Non-Powered Asset Tracker to any piece of equipment. Each device is built to go everywhere your equipment goes and is outfitted with:

  • A durable, waterproof shell that will outlast the harshest conditions.
  • Flexible Mounting Options
    • Permanent screw mount
    • Tamper detecting magnetic mount
  • Long-lasting lithium batteries that last up to 5 years.

The Rugged

The GL 500 & 2830 protects these asset types:

Heavy Equipment | Containers & Trailers | Towables & Leave-Behinds | Power Equipment & Tools | Light Equipment | Personal Recreation | Form Equipment / Lawn & Landscape

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