GPS tracking for vehicles

Cutting-edge technology, 24/7 visibility, and customizable features make fleet management more powerful without adding hassle. We have created a versatile fleet management solution that provides mobile access, online collaboration, and live support to streamline its use.

You will get a complete overview of your operations with breadcrumb trails, real-time vehicle location, and interactive maps, all through Google Maps to ensure reliability.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Houston TX

Lowering risk of accidents

Our new Driver Behavior Score settings are simpler to create for a full view of driving behavior by vehicle or by the driver assigned.

  • Customize alerts for the driver behaviors that matter most to your fleet, such as:
    • Aggressive driving
    • Speeding over a limit you set
    • Driving over posted speed limits
  • The driver safety report for each driver gives you details for coaching that driver
  • The speed report can identify when and where drivers tend to speed
  • The trends feature lets you view all drivers, or one driver, to see how they’ve been trending for the week, month or quarter
Driver Behavior Monitoring System in Houston TX

increasing accountability

You expect your drivers to exhibit good driving behaviors. These behaviors prevent accidents, keep auto premiums low, and improve productivity.

Responsible driving improves fuel efficiency, reducing your overhead fuel costs. Our fleet management system will send alerts based on predefined metrics for speeding, sudden braking, acceleration, and idle time.

By utilizing a driver scorecard, you can drastically decrease the risk of an accident. In addition by having individual score cards, you create more transparency and accountability. Embedded into our system is a rewards program. This program easily enables management of who to reward for excellent driver behavior, as well as correcting poor behavior.

Improving Efficiency

Increase your labor efficiency with GPS tracking, reducing significant overhead expenses. This tracking eliminates timesheet fraud by collecting real-time data that shows when drivers are working and when they aren’t.

GPS tracking technology identifies various employee issues that could cost you significant money. Managers can monitor each employee’s location and their activities. Reducing idle time with GPS improves efficiency with less downtime, reducing unnecessary expenses.

minimizing the increase of insurance premiums

As your fleet grows, you will experience an increase in insurance costs. Insurance companies often provide discounts of three to 10 percent for GPS tracked vehicles due to the reduced risk.

GPS tracking reduces the risk of theft dramatically while increasing the chances of recovering the vehicle quickly. Our tracking solutions will reduce the risk of accidents by monitoring driver behavior and identifying reckless driving.

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