Simple GPS Equipment Tracking

GPS tracking devices for your equipment

Our fleet and asset tracking systems give you an overall perspective of your operations. You can quickly locate your equipment and vehicles through a convenient app.

View your non-powered assets on one map across multiple sites. GPS asset tracking offers real-time tracking for theft prevention and property recovery.

Geofence alerts identify when valuable assets leave a designated area.

Fleet Tracking deploys assets for the best use, maximizing how your team uses the equipment. With built-in tamper protection, our software gives you confidence.

Track maintenance hours of equipment

If you don’t keep up with equipment repairs and maintenance, you can’t keep it running efficiently or lasting long. In addition to tracking equipment, you must track warranty information, the preventive maintenance plan, and its current condition.

Proactive maintenance reduces the need for repairs and the risk of breakdowns, ensuring you always have what you need for projects. Our software can forecast equipment lifespan to minimize downtime and project delays for an uninterrupted workflow that benefits your employees and bottom line.

Equipment Theft

Stolen vehicles and equipment create higher insurance premiums, lost productivity and lost revenue. When assets are stolen or lost, you pay to rent or purchase new equipment.

Locate Non-Powered Asset Anywhere

Geofencing is easy to configure to alert you if an asset moves outside the designated area.

Keep Equipment in the Right Location

Your pre-configured geofencing restrictions will send alerts automatically if your asset moves outside the designated area. The software will wake up when it senses motion and send updates, improving your response time.

Track and optimize utilization of equipment in the field

Large companies often experience redundancy with their construction equipment. Expensive equipment is even more costly to store and maintain. For instance, you’re wasting valuable capital if you have five backhoes but only need three.

Using tracking software allows you to maximize the use of your assets. When judging numerous job sites, you must have the appropriate equipment available. If equipment breaks or requires service, it could stall the entire project. Maintenance schedule through tracking software keeps equipment in peak condition to ensure it’s always ready to use.

Examples of equipment we track...

  • Excavator
  • Loader
  • Grader
  • Tow Behind Light Tower
  • Tow Behind Air Compressor
  • ZTR Riding Mowers
  • Side by Sides (Polaris & John Deere Gator)

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