Observe Your Fleet.

Control Your Business.


Managing your fleet means staying on top of constant moving assets. Knowing where your vehicles are in real time and acquiring on site preventative maintenance are surefire ways to increase efficiency and productivity. Our tools help companies solve complex problems from improving productivity to reducing vehicle accidents. Equip your fleet for the future.
Fleet IQ provides GPS and Video services individually, but the power of the combination is uniquely beneficial. Our GPS software provides you with valuable data and the live video allows you to see that data in action. It’s a winning combination for your business or organization.

The Benefits

Reduce Labor Costs

Eliminate time sheet discrepancies and high overtime costs and spend less time filling out paperwork with Fleet IQ’s GPS fleet tracking.

Increase Productivity

By implementing our tracking and monitoring platform, you’re implementing a system to hold your employees accountable for their time in your vehicle.

Control Fuel Costs

Combined with proper reprimanding systems, the GPS Fleet Management System can help reduce poor driving behaviors, such as speeding, aggression and idling, resulting in decreased fuel costs for your fleet operations.

Risk Mitigation

Avoid customer complaints regarding lengthy technician visits. When you know exactly when a company vehicle arrives and leaves a location, you can accurately resolve any dispute. Additionally our driver scorecards allow you to address driver behavior problems promptly and professionally.

Reduce Unauthorized Use

Keep track of your vehicle even when your employee is off the clock with our “After Hours” alerts.

Insurance Reduction

By having real-time data to analyze driver behavior, we have been able to help our clients achieve insurance premium reductions.

Time Management

We keep a planned schedule of your PM services. This ensures the work gets done when it should.

Hassle-free Protection

By utilizing our regular PM services we help you keep pristine records of what services have taken place. Your insurance company will be happy.


At Fleet IQ, we only do oil changes and tire service … onsite. This keeps your fleet healthy and on the road. It also enables our company to be objective and become your outsourced fleet maintenance company.

If this happened to you could you defend your company without video proof?