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Based in Houston, Texas, Fleet IQ works tirelessly to help organizations streamline their fleet operations. It starts with developing a proactive mindset. For over 12 years we have worked hard to understand the challenges you face operating a fleet of vehicles. Through our experience, we leverage technology and accountability to help manage one of the highest fleet expenses-vehicle insurance. After all, vehicle insurance premiums are rapidly increasing. From cellphones to excessive lawsuits & litigation, insurance is only going up.

We will work with your team closely by managing the installation to on-boarding, account set up and training. We then take a deeper dive to implement a follow through plan of action.

Not only do we have the latest technology, but we set the standard for customer service. The Golaith’s in the space may have brand recognition, but they’re not able to execute the details and understand your business. We don’t view our business by quarters but in years. You’re more than a subscriber count, you’re our existence.

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11111 Katy Freeway Ste 910, Houston TX 77079


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