As a business owner and/or manager, you’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency, boost productivity, increase profits and mitigate risk. Fleet IQ offers one of the most comprehensive GPS-centered program on the market.

Why Use Fleet IQ?

We don’t simply sell a service and walk away. We help dig in to assess our clients’ operational processes, then leverage our technology specifically to your business. We work hand in hand to walk your firm through our S.H.I.I.F.T proprietary program.

We start by:

  • Discovery and understanding of your businesses operational procedures.
  • Recommend specific tools and technology to solve your problems
  • Provide initial and ongoing training both for staff and fleet operations
  • Assist in analyzing data for operational inefficiencies
  • Assist in evaluating ongoing safety risks
  • Repeat above steps


Our GPS program is not a one-size-fits-all. We can deploy many of our scripts for the GPS units to report at different intervals for fleets that need this flexibility.

Many companies in this space tout having the lowest prices in the industry, but that simply leaves them without the ability to make an investment within their GPS platform for the future. As your business grows, so will your needs.

Something we’ve noticed from clients that have switched from other platforms is the constant barrage of nickel and diming fees or warranty issues. We aim to make our client relationships long-term. Many GPS units come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. While most units operate long past this window, we don’t want one or two malfunctioned units to put a wrench in a relationship. Often, if this is the case, we provide replacement GPS units at no cost.

Our perspective in business is to create meaningful relationships in a fast-moving environment. This requires us to focus and execute on three things:

  1. Providing a delightful customer-centric experience
  2. Continually investing in our product and service and/or partner with firms that do
  3. Focusing on client perspective outcomes that last in years, not months


As this product and service continues to evolve, there are many questions about the experience and access this product can provide.

There are two easy ways to access video from camera systems provided by Fleet IQ – Connected & Non-Connected.

What’s the difference?

  • The Connected system will have a modem that provides data to be transmitted back to the viewer remotely.
  • The Non-Connected systems will require you to physically remove the SD from the camera system in the vehicle and then analyze with your computer.

Basically, the Connected system is much more efficient and responsive to view video within your fleet. However, with this Connected system, an additional fee is incurred to provide this information to you remotely.

What and when can I view my video from my system in my fleet?

With our camera system, you can view video footage whenever the camera system is on. The camera can be programmed to turn off hours after the ignition is off in the vehicle. Our program enables you to view video at the click of a button, and we can pull images or video.

We also allow you to set established trigger events (i.e. hard braking, speeding, panic, impact) that automatically pull the video for you to view. This provides you the most flexibility.

Our competitors only allow you to view video footage they deem necessary, rather than allowing you to be in control. They also incorporate trigger events and then filter out what they feel is necessary for you to view.

Example: What if a company driver repositions the camera or covers the camera? Without a triggering event, you would never know. Also, if the camera is repositioned or covered (this does happen) and an accident takes place, it does not provide you the video footage you’ll need to defend your company.

Having full access whenever you want allows for driver training, random safety spot checks and auditing measures to make sure the camera is positioned or not covered.

Increase in Operator Compliance

Increase in Productivity

Reduced Fuel Costs

Increase Service Profitability

Additionally, as an approved Choice Partner vendor, Fleet IQ is proud to have the opportunity to work with government agencies and provide quality, legal, competitively bid contracts as a result.

Through Choice Partners, Fleet IQ provides fleet management and GPS services to:

Public Works
Safety Services
Waste Management Services
Transportation Services

As an executive, you’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency, boost productivity and mitigate risk. Fleet IQ offers one of the most comprehensive GPS-centered program on the market