Cameras that help avoid accidents...

There are many camera products on the market. From basic cameras to camera systems that actually help you avoid accidents.

Our camera systems can be a single forward facing cameras to a multi-channel systems. It depends on what fits your needs.

With the rise of distractions from cellphone use, our cameras can help you actually avoid accidents using A.I. A.D.A.S. enabled cameras.

What are the capabilities?

Let’s start with Safety Assistant warnings. Our camera will warn your drivers of the infraction. 

Example: If a driver looks away for more than 2 seconds, our system will warn them audibly “Distracted Driver”

If they ignore the warning and continue, a triggered audible alert and video will automatically be uploaded into your portal for review.

This reduces the amount of videos to view, and there can be a ton with some systems.

Also, you fleet may have specialized custom vehicles in which the default setting just doesn’t make sense. We can customize the out-of-the-box configuration that works for your vehicle profiles.

What is A.I ? Artificial Intelligence. This helps us detect if a driver is tires, distracted or looking at their phone or not wearing their seatbelt.

What is ADAS? Stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This helpus warn the driver that he/she is driver to close to the vehicle in front of them. it also can provide a warning, instead of an infraction that incurs a triggered video.



A good majority of vehicle set ups are service based vehicles. These are 1-ton vehicles or less that are in service and hitting the road day in and day out. These are the perfect set up for an A.I. ADAS camera that can be customized for the vehicle profile. Each industry has its own unique set-up and which tools are required. 

One industry may need more tools than another in which the weight of the vehicle increases, therefore the ADAS requirement changes too. With our system we can work with individual client to help make the proper adjustments to deter and avoid accidents.

What Triggers take place for a camera?

  • Drowsiness
  • Using cellphone
  • No seatbelt
  • Distracted
  • Tailgating
  • Lane Changing
  • Stop Sign Violation
  • Plus more…

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