Why Fleet IQ?

  • Fleet IQ has different platforms depending your needs.
  • Do you enjoy calling a 1-800 for resolution or service?
  • Pro-active audits
    • We perform audits for our clients to make sure our equipment is working as agreed. We don’t want to bill for equipment that is not working or out of service.

Fleet IQ Promise

■ Promise #1:

We guarantee a 100% hands-free account.

No boxes to open!

No installers to call!

No wondering what to do next!

■ Promise #2:

If your GPS or Camera is not working due to faulty equipment, we will replace it in 72 hours, if not, you receive a free month of service for that unit.

■ Promise #3:

We will always return your call or email within 2 hours or less. No waiting for 24 hours for a response.

What to Expect?

■ Initial Training & Installation
  • After signing documents and required up front payment, your order will be processed. Once a tracking number is procured, installers will contact your POC(s) to schedule the GPS/camera unit installations 7-14 days from ordering (depending on supply chain.)
  • Upon document completion, your team will receive an “onboarding link” that helps us set up your account for you. Simple questions, such as idle alerts, speeding alerts, groups, additional users, permissions, etc.
  • We ship the equipment to your installer. So, no stressing about “what to do now with the box of equipment I just received.” Once the installer receives the equipment, he/she will confirm the date & time.
  • Once all units are installed (named per your asset list provided in the onboarding link) we will schedule the platform training.
■ On Going Training
  • You can schedule training online at your convenience. And as many as you or your team need.
■ Billing
  • Our ACH prorated billing cycle is every 30 days.

*** 3% charge for credit card transactions

■ Support
  • What about service after the sale? The good news is that your Account Executive is part of your support team to make sure you have the best experience. Our Account Executive(s) are incentivized to support you and your team after the sale. Do not hesitate to contact your team if you need anything.
  • Also, just in case you’re not able to get in touch with your primary contact, you can always contact support@fleetIQ.com. Or, you can contact your secondary support team member. We prefer email as a primary way to contact for the purpose of documentation. You are always able to call your Account Executive as well.
  • If you have new team members or people in your company get promoted, you might need additional training. No problem, we can help with that. Depending on the schedule, we can either book training online or in person.
  • We routinely perform pro-active audits for our clients. This enables us to be “in the know” if a unit happens to be defective or is not reporting normally.
  • If a unit happens to be defective and out of warranty, we will replace it at no cost. If the unit happens to be damaged through a company employee, your firm will be liable for replacement costs.

At this point, we can get you started, and you should be aware of how to contact our team. If at any point you need anything, or want to give us a testimony or referral, we will be glad to accept that as well. In the meantime, leverage our service so you can get the full benefit of your investment. Thank you for the opportunity!

Looking for GPS Tracking?

FleetIQ provides:
  • Contract or no contract options
  • Complete training
  • A dedicated Account Manager
Our platforms offer:
  • Live reporting (every 60 seconds)
  • Multiple reports available
    • Driver score
    • Idling
    • Stops Reports
  • Alerts (mobile or email)
    • Idling
    • Speeding
    • Hard Cornering
  • Embedded Rewards Program
  • Driver ID
  • Track Me Link
  • Super Easy to Use

Need GPS Tracking and Cameras?

Cameras are a fantastic tool to help:
  • Protect your deductible
  • Protect yourself against a false claim
  • Coach driving

Questions you need to ask yourself:
  • Do we need forward facing + driver facing cameras?
  • Do we have the resources + time to review driver facing videos and address behavior?
GPS Tracking And Cameras
When considering cameras cost:
  • “Live feed”cameras:
    • These cameras enable instant video footage as if you were riding along.
    • Increased data costs for instant live feed.
  • “A.I.” cameras:
    • Great if you’re going to utilize driver facing cameras + ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)
      • Drowsiness
      • No seatbelt
      • Tailgating alert
  • Non “A.I.” cameras:
    • Forward facing cameras generate the most R.O.I. for end users
    • Cameras have triggers for:
      • Hard braking
      • Rapid acceleration
  • Affordably Priced

Need to Switch Providers?

After 12 years in business, we’re not trying to be the biggest. We want to provide a great product paired with great service.

We think the old saying is true; you can’t have all three – a cheap price, great service, and a great product. We’re not the cheapest because we value our clients. We want a marathon, not a sprint.

If you’ve had a national provider, you’re probably treated as a number.

With Fleet IQ, we’re not growing market share to sell our business. We’re here to provide good old-fashioned service paired with the latest technology.

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Fleet IQ is a company with incredible customer service. Not only are they very responsive, but they’re also great with on-boarding and training. In fact, their level of service hasn’t wavered since day one.

Ashley Davis

What sets Fleet IQ apart is their level of customer service. You will not only be able to track the idle time of your employees and you will also be able to facilitate better communication between the tracking system and the fuel cards.

Daniel Van Deursen

We signed up for Fleet IQ in 2021, and it has been a great experience so far. I just wish that every company had their level of customer service, which is what I like most about them.

Eric Brunnenmeyer

It’s a great tool for dispatching our technicians for service calls, but it has also been an effective way to police our drivers (which has protected our company and our personnel on many occasions).

Jeff Tremusini

Fleet IQ is a wonderful company that will become an integral part of any company’s fleet management system, which is backed by amazing customer service.

Justin Lonzo

I would recommend Fleet IQ to anyone who is looking for a way to manage their fleet better. But if you’re still on the fence about whether you should go with this company, ask for a demo. You won’t be disappointed.

Kathy Barragan